Early Mornings and New Faces

“Hey google, set an alarm for 3 am tomorrow”

That’s what I was saying shortly after logging into Instagram and seeing a story posted by a stranger about a potential dawn mission the next day.

The name behind this new face was Ty Johns. I had never met him but I knew that anyone willing to wake up and ski at sunrise was someone I wanted to know.

After 3 missed alarms I finally glugged out of bed at 3:07 am. I wasn’t feeling it yet, but I knew that in just a couple hours I wouldn’t regret a thing.

At 4:05 I finally pulled into the parking lot with caffeine flowing through my veins. We wasted no time in getting started on the way up.

Hiking up in the dark is a very different experience, you can’t see anything so you have no sense of distance and you don’t play and mind games of getting to an objective and stopping. With this on our side we cruised up in record time, arriving at the ridge in just 2 hours.

This was just in time to watch the dawn start to break.

With stoke high we continued along the ridge to find out where we wanted to drop in

After looking over a few potential spots we decided on one that looked to be the best conditions

After just a few turned in, I knew we had picked right. After I posted up for pictures, I told the others to go ahead and drop in for one of those runs you drool about in the middle of summer.

Skier and Boarders Allowed

With only a few patched being icy. We had all to ourselves almost 1,000 feet of powder skiing. And boy was it a fun one to ski.

And just like that we were back to the cars at just about 8 am ready to head off to work!