G3 Ion 12 Binding First Impressions

How could those 4 pins possibly hold anyone in?

-Every skier before they try pins

Now that I have a couple days on my new pair of G3 Ion 12 bindings I wanted to talk about some of my first impressions.

My biggest concern before using them

The number one concern I had (and most skiers have) about pin bindings in general is if they will actually hold me in when I ski hard.

Now I only have about 3 days on these skis, but I was not holding back on any of those days.

To the left you can see me dropping a 15 ft cliff on these bindings. The snow I landed on was about 3 inches of soft slushy/powdery snow with a rather hard base.

To my enjoyment when I landed, and it wasn’t a gentle landing, the skis stuck around.

Some of the things I was excited for

Before these binding, I was primarily using shift bindings. While they worked just fine for me, they defiantly have some compromise.

  • Ease of use

I really love how intuitive the Ion bindings are.

I am especially loving the ability to transition at the top of my line from skin mode to downhill without removing my skis. This was not possible with the shift bindings.

Another cool ease of use feature is the boot stopper. Its a small piece of rubber that lines your boot up perfectly with the pins.

  • A second riser

This is pretty specific to my situation coming from the shift bindings, but having that second riser is a life saver.

In Conclusion

While I have taken these bindings on some big missions already, I am sure I still have a lot to learn about them.

So far I would defiantly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade they backcountry setup without much compromise on the downhill.

Bonus feature

A cool feature I discovered on my 3rd day was the ability to clip your poles into your bindings as shown to the right.

Simply open the pins up, make sure the back turret in in downhill mode, and place the poles into place. Then all you got to do is lock the front pins and your poles aren’t going anywhere. Pretty useful for some short walks with skis on the shoulders.

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