My Top 3 Summer Skiing Adventures

With summer in full force you may think its time to pack up the skis and call it a season. But that’s not what we all do, a select few choose to earn turn all throughout the year even in the hottest of summer months.

Here are some of my top summer skiing adventures!

September Powder

It may not look like much but after months of skiing ice its more than enough

September 27, 2020 The temperate drops just low enough to have a chance at skiing powder if I hike high enough, I waste no time to packing up and getting ready to head out.

It took right about 8 miles of hiking and around 5,000 ft of vert to get to the snow patches that stay year round and this means you can fully take advantage of the new snow on top!

That right there is the face of pure joy after not having skied anything but slushy ice in 5 months.

It only ended up being 2 inches or so but I couldn’t be more stoked.

Summer Resort

Beartooth Basin

High in the Mountains of Wyoming there is a small resort that opens up just for a handful of weeks a year.

This year is the first I have been able to actually ride the lift, but it was such a treat not having to hike for those slushy turns.

The Basin also has some amazing terrain right near it that is always worth the trip!

Solo at Sunrise

This was one of my first solo hikes, I went all in and was not disappointed!

Waking up at right around 4 am, I wanted to get to the summit of the peak that hosts my line by sunrise.

While I didn’t quite make it to the summit, I wouldn’t trade that sunrise for anything.

I saw some of my favorite views on that morning and that just might be one of the key hikes that got me hooked on this whole summer skiing thing.

Maybe it’s not about the skiing

Maybe its just and excuse to get out there and see new places every month. Either way I am on month 40 of skiing right now and I have no plans to stop any time soon!

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